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When is tachycardia considered normal?


Hi all

I am in total despair and badly in need of some advice.

I will try and keep the following as brief as possible.

I currently have a resting heart rate of between 55 & 60. As soon as I stand my heart rate will increase anywhere between 100 & 120 which happens always. I get breathless walking a few yards, break out in a cold sweat and have pain in my chest. The longer I stay on my feet , the worse the pain and breathlessness become. It is also worth mentioning that my blood pressure will also drop to around 80/60 sometimes lower. However I've also had some huge swings in the opposite direction I.e. 178/117! I am also coughing blood stained mucus on a daily basis.

I had a 25 hour halter which was normal with heart rate recordings from 55-148 but in a normal rhythm.

I've had numerous occasions her test including a catheter which all came back normal.

I have just been diagnosed with abdominal aortic and iliac artery occlusive disease occurs when the arteries in your abdomen become narrowed with plaque.

I haven't been offered any treatment and basicallly been told to take 75mg of aspirin, quit smoking (which I have) and to watch my cholesterol. That's it !

Is that the best I can hope for? I have absolutely no quality of life.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😄

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I am sorry to read your post and realise how difficult things must be for you. Have you been prescribed statins for your cholesterol, and blood thinners other than aspirin? Which hospital is treating you? I don't have these problems, so am just offering suggestions. My condition is Brugada, which affects the "electrics" of the heart.

Sorry I can't be of more help, and hope that you can get some relief from this debilitating condition.

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