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Listening to your body

Hello everyone, I have had SVT since I was 8 and I am now 55. It is a pest, but my experience is not as bad as some people. I agree that no alcohol, caffeine (including chocolate) and low stress all help. It is very frightening even now. Straining and blowing in paper bags never helped me. I just have to lie down where ever I am, close my eyes and relax.

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Can I ask how high your pulse gets and how long does it last? Do you take any medication?


Hi Lauren,

It has definitely been up to 190, and has been a lot higher at times. I don't take any medication, but my doctor and I have agreed that if it goes on for 30 mins I would take a beta blocker pill I carry with me. It is the lowest dose and to be honest I think it is the same thing I was given for an inner ear infection a while ago. My heart always sorts itself out with rest. I was given pills because it has gone on for an hour and a half a couple of times and I decided to go into hospital because it wouldn't stop by itself. Everyone is different so always listen to your body, try and work out your triggers. Seek medical advice. :)


Thanks Goodnews, I only suffer from Sinus Tachycardia but did have SVT for a while following a blood clot on the lung. I was interested in the difference between the two. I see now as my heart rate only goes up to 140 at the highest and usually recovers within 10 minutes to half an hour. Like you I just rest. Am not on any medication.

Take care Lauren


Cheers Lauren all the best.


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