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Could it be?

I have, for some years ,had a condition where I wake up and slowly my

Heart starts to speed up over 130 bpm gradually but not abruptly and then slows down gradually but again not abruptly and these episodes last for 10 to 15 mins always when not on Betablockers and 6 times a year but recently once a month.I have had heart surgery to a few years ago to

Repair a valve but apart from that am healthy from my recent Echo.

Anyone understand or has had this I don't really get any symptoms while having an episode except bit anxious and heart is strong very fast and regular beats at the time

It happens.Mostly happens in the early hours .

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Hi I would go on medhelp .org and put "tachycardia when falling asleep" into the search box . A lot of other people including myself seem to experience this . For the past year I have experienced tachycardia episodes shortly after falling asleep. I wake up suddenly and quickly become aware that my heart is racing. I've had a lot of investigations and now have a loop recorder implanted to try and find out why. I have frequent ventricular ectopics which they think may be triggering this so I'm now on bisoprolol to calm them down .

M y own theory is that the heart rate is affected when your body moves into certain stages of sleep, controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This can sometimes trigger abnormal heart rates ...Complicated I know but having researched a lot information I can't come to another conclusion.

If you're experiencing more episodes it would be worth maybe seeing your doctor and arranging a heart monitor to wear for a few days to try and get a record of what's going on .

Reassuring that your echo like mine was fine .

Best of luck

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Hi Lucy76

thank you for sharing your kind theory

and interesting advice .Thank you for the website you provided i'lll do a search like you suggest good luck with

your tests.

Best of luck to you too.


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