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Past SVT and expecting a baby

Hello everyone

One for the ladies or anyone that has knowledge around this, some of you who may remember me know I had complex SVT two ablations later I am now symptom free for 12 months.

I am now expecting my first baby and have been put down as high risk due to my past medical history, does anyone know or had children after living with an Arrythmia? Not sure what info I am looking for just anyone who has had this situation

Thanks all x

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I would have been worried if they hadn't classified you as high risk.

If I remember correctly you were last under Professor Schilling? Anyway who ever you were under I would contact them ASAP and get an appointment ASAP with them (or get referral to one of their colleagues if one of them has specialised expertise of arrhythmia during pregnancy).

I would also contact the arrhythmia alliance patients helpline.

I know it will be an expense that you could do without but I would seriously consider having a private appointment so you get it quickly because after all your health and your baby's health is paramount and so important.

Afraid can't be much help on the practical advice!!!



I had my last child not knowing that was the problem, but it was full blown after giving birth two months later. Not trying to scare you. I had the best doctor and delivered a very healthy baby. Because you know your history, your OB should already be coordinated with your Cardiologist. I am not sure.where you are, but my doctors used a team - Because I was high-risk, there was nutrition, nurse coordinator, fetal monitoring, etc. Good luck!

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