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50+male had mitral repair few yrs ago

had 24 hr holter few yrs ago.. odd supraventicular

ectopic beat on result.

Recently been having 2 episodes ,over a couple of weeks a feeling

heart suddenly beats 4-5 times in one beat almost like a nerve twitching.

Had recent Echo which was normal.

Anyone understand what this is,

could it be ectopic beats that are mentioned on my 24 hr holter

thanks for any ideas.

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I have had that as well. Sometimes makes you feel a bit faint as well. Perhaps you should have it checked ou. I had a 7 day monitor a few months ago and it did show up.. Have been reassured it's ok but everyone is different,


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Hi stephanietee

thank you for your kind


Good Luck


I often have these extra flutters/beats also had a seven day monitor on but was told to press a couple of buttons when these episodes began, as they only last a second or two I could never hit the buttons quickly enough, so as normal the consultant thought I was swinging the lead. I am now 60, and still going strong despite the Lyme's disease. Sometimes the old heart races away from tickover HR at about 40 up to around 90 for no reason. Under hard exercise cycling it will reach 170 and if it flutters them it will reach over 200!

Iam sure you will be OK just keep away from experts.

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You must have a 40 day HOLTER MONOTER and echocardiogram. The stress echo will complete the study for answers.

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Hi Randelle

thanks for your advice.


Just found out that chronic Lyme's will/can cause Heartblock which would account for the rather slow HR and the fluctuations!

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Hi jointpain

it seems quite hard to hit the moniter at the right time .Well thanks for your insight.

I hope things are going well

best of luck.


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