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re nhs feedback

I was much encouraged by the phone call i had today with a lady from the Patient Experience Team. I have now written out my feedback/concern ending with some suggestions such a go-between like an arrhthmia nurse and an agent between forums such as this and the people who need to hear it most and in general a better form of aftercare. As she said - how can change be implemented without feedback? I am sending her what i have written for her advice on whether it is all relevant and she will call me to discuss whether i want to offer it as a complaint (no), a concern (yes) or feedback (yes) and what i wish to happen - ie would i want it to go to the team it involves, do i want someone to contact me and tell me the result of my feedback, actions taken and so on.

i mentioned how much this forum had helped me and that there are others just as upset or confused etc.

If just a few of us give feedback, we could play a part in making the experience a little bit better for someone else. I know i just couldn't let this go as i feel so much of my suffering could easily have been alleviated if i had someone to help me in that long wait before seeing the ep. If you feel you can add some feedback for the nhs please do it. Much as i'd love to think there are not people to come who will discover that they too have af or svt or other issues discussed on this forum - how likely is that? Even positive experiences will fill the knowledge gaps in and maybe good practice will spread and multiply!

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Wow stargazer61! Someone from the Patient Experience Team called you? I am so happy for you!

Just knowing what WAITING does to your soul, it makes you crazy, I just cannot imagine how you survive! In the states at least I can go to the ER if things get really bad. I love it how "complaint", "concern", and "feedback" were discerned as ways to communicate between each other (so awesome!) and gaps in medical knowledge and experience make it hard, and also the many different kids of heart failures we all have! I tend to want everyone to go to the EP like RIGHT NOW! And I worry about all of you so much! I can't wait to hear the rest and resolution! :)


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