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Hello all :) I happened upon this site through a Google search as I was hoping to find others with a similar problem. I've had tachycardia for 11 years now, no known cause, and have been on Atenelol. A couple days ago I had an EP study done with no results & couldn't be more disappointed. I feel hopeless & could use some advice. Thank you. I look forward to chatting.

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Tachycardia for 11 years! Horrible! You must be exhausted! Atenelol not helping you? Wow, you would think that your EP would try a new medication! How high does you tachycardia go? Where does it come from? How can your EP have NO info? At least it can say what the NO RESULTS are, like well, the tachycardia is in the atria, or it comes 20% of the time or whatever. Do you have a device? Do have your EKGs? Would you be interested in changing EPs or trying a new Cardiologists? It just isn't healthy to have Tachycardia for 11 years! Sorry if it seems like I'm asking a lot of questions, I'm really so concerned about your situation! It's staggering to me that you've had this for 11 years and it took them this long to do an EP study and shared nothing with you about it but "NOTHING". Any Tachycardia in not normal! Ugh I think I'm more upset than you are! I hope you will get back to me! I have tachycardia too, a Cardiac-Synchronization Therapy-Defibrillator implanted device (CRT-D) and just recently had an EP study, Right-Heart Cath, and attempted ablation and an Anti-Tachycardia Pacing setting put on my device because it was getting bad and for months i was passing out, and it happened like a light switch when I was at a red light corner on a busy avenue! Is your EP waiting for your Tachycardia to get that bad? Well get back to us and tell us some of your stories and how you feel now! What are some of the things your are experiencing? Are you dizzy? Have you ever come close to passing out, or feeling woozy? Getting that weird tingly feeling all over in front of your face so you have to sit? Tachycardia is no laughing matter so I hope you can describe what your life has been like for you, and how you have been functioning lately! :)


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