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Recovery time?


Well had my ablation at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on went very well and it's true that all the advice on here is correct. Wasn't half as bad as I was expecting, I was awake and just felt a wee bit of tugging and pushing in my groin area....

My question now is I'm not too good at doing nothing, and this resting is already doing my nut in. I feel fine and feel I could do things but know it's not a good idea. Wasn't given a lot of advice as to how long off work/ drive etc.....would like to hear fellow af,ears experiences of recovery periods.

Thanks Lorraine..

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I had mine a month ago just went back to work last wk. They say you should be able to work again after a few weeks as long as does not involve heavy lifting. I still feel tired and still have a lot of skipped beats but was told should settle after a few months.


I was told. Week 1 nothing except the TV remote, iPhone and iPad (not a PC because of position) and absolutely no driving. Short walks towards end of week but in the flat. Say 19 mins. Week 2 not much more but can drive providing fully comfortable with doing an emergency stop and an build up walking a bit but nothing strenuous or anything that increases the heart rate too much. After that gradually increase things over the following 4 weeks (ie ends week 6). If at any point your HR starts to increase too much or start feeling slightly sweaty or clammy then stop. (As you know I am a man and ladies don't sweat in the same way). Also nothing that causes adrenaline to increase.

I know it is frustrating but believe me well worth it in the long run.


Hi Lorraine! Glad that overall things went well and that you're recovering! I had an ablation for SVT in February. I had the procedure on a Thursday and went back to work Tuesday; in hindsight I probably should have stayed home a couple more days, but really the main things I noticed were: increased anxiety (personal for me - I have an anxiety disorder), some PVCs as my heart was recovering, and just feeling really tired. I work in a school and felt like I was 80 yrs old just walking down the hall! Honestly I just felt kind of worn down for a couple weeks, but then got back to normal. Be patient and go easy on yourself, and you'll be feeling "normal" again soon! 😊


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