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Holiday / Travel Insurance

Hi all,

I'm stuck at a pretty dead end, I'm due to fly out to the Canary Islands on 2nd June for 8 days and am desperately searching for travel insurance, but because I'm still awaiting further investigations and treatment as I've been referred to Southampton NO ONE will cover me for anything less than £200, can anyone help? PLEASE x

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Sophie   , from my considerable experience you are lucky to find anyone to insure you St all in this situation . ,£200 sounds pretty good. I had to pay £350 for 7 day European cruise last year with no tests pending ( but 3 admissions in prev 12 months ) 


I have to agree . I pay  £410 pa for worldwide insurance and I think that's good as I shopped around and the average was 500. 


Can you tell me which insurance company you used as I am in a similar position and each travel insurance says no



I'm pretty sure that there was an answer to Sophie's question on the atrial fibrillation site posted the same day.


I would say read the conditions very carefully since you are not always given the right information on the phone and also look at the exclusions carefully as some are very onerous / don't cover a lot of things.


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