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Is heart block a disease or a condition?

I was diagnosed with 1st degree heart block some years ago after I had a 24 hour ecg. I was concerned about extra systoles that Iv`e had since I was 15. i was horrified by this diagnosis, because I don`t like the idea of having a disease of the heart. I haven`t been given any treatment, & Iv`e read that it`s not always the heart`s fault, but the vagus nerve being over sensitive. I don`t know what to make of the diagnosis, is 1st degree heart block a disease, or just the way the nervous system works? I find it hard to cope with the thought of having a diseased heart.

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It's an electrical fault in the heart's transmission system. Like ectopics are. Nothing to do with blocked vessels. Can make for a slow heartbeat. I think first degree heart block is ignored. Forget it.


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