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I was just diagnosed with MR and PAF with pauses over 2 seconds (one at 3.8 with junctional escape beats). I'm only 58, but Arrhythmia issues actually began in 2006. Eventually, I developed tachy-brady also. Recent diagnosis includes many long-term symptoms of fatigue, pre-syncopy and one bout of syncopy....pitting edema both legs, ankles, feet, face, fingers, wrists, and abdomen. I also have bouts of dizziness, confusion, irritability, and forgetfulness. I've been on 5mg of Bystolic for many years which has now been doubled in dose plus HCZT for edema once daily...which doesn't seem to be helping a lot. Recent holter indicated the PAF and additional issues despite use of Bystolic. I also have TR, flushing and sweating episodes frequently, and was diagnosed 2 years ago with Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis over 4 years ago. (Quality of my life has simply continued to go downhill.) My heart doc thinks I probably have an auto-immune disease in addition to all this---oh, yippie! At what point should I be concerned here??? Will see heart doc again in early July to go over holter, echo, etc. Is all this just going to get worse and I will need ablation or pace maker? My mom died in early 70's just 2 years ago from MR and A-Fib. My dad died at my same age from a pulmonary embolism. I'm really starting to worry here. Have a long-standing rash across both cheeks, so I'm also worried I may have Lupus. I feel very alone in all this. I also feel pretty confused.

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What is MR please. If it's Mitral Regurgitation I have that also in addition to my permanent AF. I felt pretty similar to you 10 years ago when I first experienced AF; very depressed. Now, I pretty well just ignore it and have decided I should be the boss and not my condition. Easier said than done I know and possibly I am a lucky one but each year gets easier for me.... so much so that I have delayed a recommended check-up on my leaky valve for 7 months now; and counting.

In my teens, I never envisaged living beyond 70 so each year now is a real bonus AND I hope to pass on before I become useless to man or beast.


You need to set about turning your health around - with healthy eating and life-style changes! 'You are what you eat and digest'. Try probiotics and digestive enzymes to improve digestion (see Nature's Best or Higher Nature). Cut out sugar, and cut back on meat. Eat fish, organic eggs, and lots of vegetables and fruit. Consider cutting out alcohol and smoking . . . these things really do make a difference. With your doctor's agreement take a really good multivitamin and mineral tablet (same source, or a Health Food Shop), and take 500grms of Vitamin C morning and evening (same source). These things really do make a difference! After three months discuss with your doctors if there is any tablet which you can decrease. As you give your body good nutrition, you have every opportunity to turn your life around - your life is in your hands! Best wishes!


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