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Morning everyone from sunny Cornwall (showers imminent), how long do you have to be in AFib before it is classed as permanent?

I am in my fifth day now and I am finding it hard to function. I am on 1.25 mg of Bisoporol which the hospital prescribed when they took me off Amiodarone (I have also been on Flecainide and Sotalol) and I am also on Warfarin. When I spoke to my Doctor on Friday I asked him about the dosage of ...

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Hi Ang

and good morning, the definitions of A Fib are hard to pin down

Paroxsymal, episodes that come and go

Persistent, always in A Fib ((like me) but not always having symptoms, and note that if you have a Cardioversion and even go back into NSR for 10 secs they class you as persistent

Permament. untreatable and never going to change Afib in it all the time.

So I think the answer to your question is probably never and you are probably still paroxysmal

Be well



Thank you for that Ian, I really value your help. It's a bit of a b isn't it when I have to cancel going out with friends who do not understand the condition, no matter how many times I have tried to explain it to them. I think I will have to photocopy the AFA information for them so they understand why I cannot go out, I am the driver of course!!

Blessings to you and stay happy and well.



This is the problem when dealing with people who do not understand. Some people I know understand and yet some others can't seem to grasp how my heart condition affects things like going out at times they want, etc. I am lucky that I have a good Cardiologist who totally understands.


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