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Arrythmia symptoms?

I've been getting irregular heartbeats for some time now (started mildly about 10 years ago). The main one I get is that my heart slows down & feels like it's pounding to work hard for anything up to a minute & then speeds up.

This seems to happen after doing something strenuous, like heavy lifting or even just bending down, if I get too cold very suddenly & sometimes for no reason at all. I also get slight breathlessless & light headed with it & sometimes feel I have to cough.

Have been on the ecg machine twice, had cholesterol check & chest x-ray (no problems ever found).

I want my doctor to just say, it's normal for a 60 year old heart to complain a bit sometimes & there's nothing to worry about.

Perhaps someone with diagnosed heart problems can reassure me that what I'm experiencing is just a normal part of aging.

I'm a 60 year female, eat healthily & do some moderate exercise most days. Not overweight.

Thank you for reading.

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You may not have atrial fibrillation but this could be of interest.

This is the very first time I have been on this site. See what Howie Mandel says about A-Fib. Apparently Ellen Degeneres has A-Fib as well. Look at this site:

If you wish to know your heart rate, check out:

This is in the USA but they will ship worldwide. Two electrical engineers designed this for their father who is a cardiologist. I purchased one and it works. It is the only sure way to know what your heart is doing when it is in A-Fib. Taking or sending a chart to your doctor is sometimes helpful and it can avoid going to the ER. Should you decide to purchase one, when you order, if you tell them, Neil from Canada, referred you, they will give you a small discount.


Hi Artemis,

It could be Atrial Fibrillation as people can get this when they get older. However, I would consult your GP who may refer you for tests or to see a Cardiologist. The main thing is not to get stressed and just remember if you do go for tests they may be able to rule out certain things.



Hi Artemis,

Echoing what Shelby has said, you can download a general arrhythmia checklist here: or an atrial fibrillation (AF) checklist here: - it might be worth completing and sharing with your GP when you next see them. Please also give us a call if you want to talk through anything, 01789 450787.

Thank you


Thanks for replies. I've seen the doctor again & she's arranging for me to have a 7-day heart monitor - but there's a waiting list for it apparently & I live in an area where there's a lot of over 60's, so it could be some wait!


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