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Lack of information

Hello, As a new member, I am listening to other to learn a thing or two.

My wife had an ablation last May, but the scheduled follow-up was deferred twice and eventually took place last December when it was discovered that she was in AF again. She had a three day monitor fitted and then an echo at the end of January. So far no information from Bristol Heart Institute (in spite of phone calls), and both she and I are very worried about the future. She is 70. She has other conditions, so cannot take medication for the AF.

Has anyone else had problems with lack of information/progress?

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Hi Manuerg

May I suggest you post this in the AF Forum, it's very active and I am sure that there are other sufferers even at the same hospital as you, who can assist.

Be well



Hi Manuerg,

I have had problems with lack of information. I went in for ablation therapy some years ago but unfortunately they couldn't ablate as they didn't have the right technology for my condition which is not AF. However, they did manage to study the heart and all the info. they recorded was lost by my local hospital! I am now deciding whether to go in for another ablation and this would mean a new reading of my heart to see if they can locate the condition.

I would suggest your wife revisits her GP and asks if they can personally contact Bristol Heart Institute. Explain your wife's concerns to her GP. If that doesn't work then you could write to the hospital and send a copy to your wife's GP. And send recorded delivery.

I do understand that some ablations can be unsuccessful the first time. I expect it depends from patient to patient. I don't know about second ablations but again that would probably depend from patient to patient. I think right now your wife needs to know her options.



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