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Inform the future of pacemaker remote monitoring

Do you have a pacemaker, use a home monitor and are based in England?

Arrhythmia Alliance is looking for participants to take part in a face-to-face discussion to gain feedback on current pacemaker remote monitoring and future technologies.

If you fit these criteria and are interested in taking part, please email with your full name, age, address, availability and the make of your pacemaker and remote monitoring system for further details.

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I don't fit these criteria, but was wondering: Does NHS pay remote monitoring for "normal" pacemaker patients, without CRT or ICD? In Germany, at least according to my knowledge, those who get remote monitoring are ICD and/or CRT patients, but no pacemaker patients that have a single oder dual-chamber device only. I'd expect that the NHS with its tight budget and strict regulations doesn't cover remote monitoring, unless a patient is high risk.

I recently had my pacer replaced with a Biotronik Evia that allows for remote monitoring. However, neither I nor my EPs think that I need it at the moment; just doesn't make much sense in someone who doesn't have heart failure or lethal arrhythmias. But I know that in the U.S. lots of pacer patients get remote monitoring, even if all they have is probably a simple heart block.

Anyways, good look with your research and I think it's great that you are directly getting in touch with the patients being monitored, and not their cardios!



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