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Problems since hysterectomy


Hi guys, I am looking for any advice or help as the doctors cannot seem to find what is wrong, I've had mri scan, cat scan, ultrasound and pretty much all the others and they all come back clear with no abnormalities. Basically had my hysterectomy a year ago to help with a weak bladder, still have a weak bladder but since the op I've had tingling feelings in my legs and a sharp pain in my right rib. I struggle to walk without a trolley and I am struggling to understand what is wrong, as i previously was a fit healthy working mum and now I can't even lift a pint of milk

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Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. I would suggest going to “pelvic floor” physio therapist. Try and find one with a good rep in your area. When we have a hysterectomy its my understanding that it effects our entire core posture. It can throw us off balance as our bodies are trying to figure out how to hold us up, walk us etc...with the absence of a uterus.

I had to re learn mine. Its a learning curve but basically you need to start over with your new body. I saw a pelvic floor specialist and am taking bio identical hormones. I’m not 100 percent although I am getting there.

I wish you healing. ❤️

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Thankyou for your advice, I wish you a smooth recovery also.

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