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Hysterectomy excercises


Hi Guys looking for some advice. I am now 14 weeks post op and need to know if I can start a running programme like couch to 5k, running on the treadmill and strength training with weights.

I'm doing a bit of walking, 3miles being my longest walk so far.

Before my op I kept myself fairly fit and I need to start some excercise now as I feel a bit sluggish at times.

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Hi Keayma,

Are you still having the days where you do a bit more and then suffer for it, ie you feel motivated and hoover and mop out or something equally strenuous on the abs, like painting a fence?

I felt good at about 13-14wks and tackled a few big items like this ^ and believe they set me back 🤕

I painted a fence and felt terrible cramps in my abdomen like I was winded punched and doubled over, stitches but tonnes of them. I didn't attempt the more physical again until Saturday past approx 18/19 weeks I tried my hiit training which I've done for 6 years to get into shape, I don't feel like Ive upset my abdomen to the same extent but I have felt EXHAUSTED and finding getting out of bed horrendously difficult.

I've also reallt struggled to do basic chores as energy levels are bad.

Are you on HRT?

I decided to try the hiit as my arm muscles in particular ache anyway on the hrt and I get that same feeling post work out.

I don't really feel myself yet on the hrt, its nothing major its just a feeling that I'm missing something, a lack of oomph and energy etc, a bit low.

It's frustrating for me as summer time is usually when I'm exercising at my best and feeling great 😐

Your body may cope completely fine, I'd say the tiredness and that need to day nap or take a nap is an indicator to how ready you are.

I had a nap at 6pm when my hubby took my son out in his van last night and these days chose sleep over most other activity, you'd think I'd know by this that I'm not ready right?

Frustrated! Lol

Good luck.



Only you can tell. If you’re walking 3 miles and feel ok, then maybe step it up a bit, but I’d definitely recommend some core strength exercises as well. Make sure you’re doing those pesky PFEs too.

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