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Advice regarding sick note



I had my total hysterectomy on 19 September,all the endo was cleared,had bowl resection and also had a stent on my left recovery was very tough and I am still sailing on recovery boat.had my stent removed on 28 November feeling ok,my main concern is that hospital gave me 6 weeks sick note,then my GP gave me 4 weeks.i am just worried will be able to get further sick note as I still don't feel like my old self,after 2 hrs of any work or long walk I get tired,my whole upper back hurts and left arm.I am just wondering whether I can get further sick note as I don't want to join new work with any kind of pain as I lost my previous employment because of this severe endo pain,is there any one who could guide and help me what I should further?

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Sorry you are still not feeling great. I had my hysterectomy on 8th September and am going back to work this week on a phased return. If you don't feel that you are fit to go back to work yet just make an appointment with your gp and explain that. They will give you another medical certificate. xxx

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Thnx,KA410,the work what I will join would be a new place hence I don't want to take any steps that would will remark on my employment history as it I lost my 14 yrs old work,I am worried and scared that if I start any work,and if all this pain......I don't understand.

I am sure your GP will give you another sick note, for a straight forward hyst it is usual to give a note of between 6 and 12 weeks

Yours sounded very complex and you would expect recovery to take longer

Go back to your gp

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