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Hi All

Nearly two weeks since my op. Went out last night for about 20 minutes to local supermarket, was more than enough. First time I've been out as my wound slightly split when the stitches and clips were removed last Wednesday.

I had to do absolutely nothing after the nurse put steri strips on the wound it did really sting but when the nurse came Friday and again yesterday it's healing well and all dry. Stinging lasted about 24 hours.

Had a bath with small amount of water in it as waterproof dressings on the wound, this was bliss as not been able to get dressing wet.

Really must say, the vertical incision isn't as bad as I thought it would be though.

Appear not to have had any symptoms of menopause even though ovaries were removed. (lucky so far).

Feeling really well in myself, but was quite positive that I wasn't going to feel any worse than I did before surgery as fibroid was the size of 26/28 week pregnancy had its own blood supply and zapped any energy that I did have.

I've lost 8.5lb and gone down two dress sizes.

All the best to each and everyone of you xx

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Glad to hear your on the mend. Onwards and upwards.

I've contracted cellulitis in my wound that is really painful. Hoping to feel better after the antibiotics kick in.

Let's hope we are on the mend soon.xxxx

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Sorry to hear about your wound. Just take it easy and rest as you say once the antibiotics kick in you should feel better soon xx

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Oh no Chel69 πŸ˜• That's not good πŸ˜• Hope you start to get well soon

Good morning Gremlin16 😊

All sounding very positive 😊 That was a massive fibrous!! Oh my!! You must feel better 😊

Take care ❀️

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