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I suffer from depression adhd asthma epilepsy a chairi malformation 1 which causes headaches and neckache a smashed wrist I also have a front and back prolapse and at the age of 30 I became addicted to drugs and no rehab will help unless I stop taking most of my prescribed medication I get for mental health you have to be an acoholic to get into the type of place I need any advice

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An idea only CAY69.

Ask for thyroid bloods and vitamin B12 and Vitamin D to be done.

I know there are Low Free T3 (low thyroid) connections to depression, ADHD and even Asthma is being queried now.

I also looked up chairi malformation, as I had no idea what it was, but realize there might be a slim chance of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency connection as I have heard B12 is connected to brain/neuro/spine degeneration problems, headaches too. There was a mention of chairi Malformation mimicking MS and MS is often misdiagnosed instead of B12 Deficiency. So Just an idea to check your B12 bloods too, as it is well known that Doctors often over look/miss vitamin B12 Deficiency patients. Even Parkinsons gets confused with B12 Deficiency.

Ask for these Thyroid bloods and others to be done.

Or you can get them done privately.

TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

Free T3 (measure of active Thyroid Hormone)

Free T4 (measure of inactive Thyroid Hormone)

TPO Thyroid Peroxidase

TgAb Thyroglobulin

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D


Ferritin (stored iron)


Idea only again.

As many now do - Ask for a printout of all your bloods done and their ranges too (for your own records) and Pop them up on Thyroid Uk here on HealthUnlocked for others to help you forward if you wish.

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All I can think of is find out who your local christian groups are. Find a christian group whose approach you like and join them. This will begin your journey of networking with people some of whom can provide help you did not think you need or even think you needed.

Adhd can be sleep related. If you do not get enough required sleep you can get the symptoms of adhd. Recent research indicates that the brain only gets rid of waste products when we are asleep. The brain does not get rid of waste product when we are awake.

I know christian groups in my local area. I am a Buddhist and thus do not have some of their beliefs. However there is much crossover in my beliefs and theirs. I have seen them help people who the local mental health teams cannot help. There is a wealth of life knowledge which cannot be obtained from books in these groups.

Hope this helps


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