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Current Smokers Willing to Try E-Cigarettes

Hello all!

I am a researcher based in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm currently looking for people who smoke cigarettes, but are willing to try an e-cigarette, are 18 years or older, not pregnant, and healthy.

Participating in this study will involve completing a questionnaire (no longer than 1 hour) at a time scheduled between November 17 and November 21 at a central location in Glasgow.

You will be given an e-cigarette to take away (yours to keep) and try over the next week (you can still smoke cigarettes as well if you'd like to).

One week from starting, I'd ask you to come back and complete one last questionnaire. At this point you will also be paid a small fee and reimbursed for any travel costs you've incurred.

Any inquiries or interest would be very much welcomed! Please contact me at

Thank you!

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The email RE volunteers required to research ecigs was just sent to me...volunteers must be HEALTHY etc??!! Are u taking the piss, mate?

If there are people receiving your emails with a chance of recovery then you should really send them an email if you can filter them out from the terminally ill patients, and, if thats not possable then dont send anything at all, you pratt


Dear CDMR,

Your post has been flagged as abuse. While it does not appear to contravene the rules, please could you add some more useful identifying factors such as a link to your organisation and to useful background information such as who is funding the trial and any log of the trial details on a publicly accessible database?



"(you can still smoke cigarettes as well if you'd like to)".

This seems an odd provision for a study into e-cigs.

Can I ask, who is carrying out and financing this study and what's it purpose?

Are there safety risks? Are you product testing/marketing, or conducting a scientific study?


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