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Good fats / Bad fats a myth?

Yesterday's meta-analysis would seem to suggest to

- or at least, there is no significant evidence of harm in terms of heart disease for saturated fats as well as no significant evidence of heart protection for unsaturated fats

Still, saying that, the researchers sign off with that classic fence-sitting statement "More research is needed" (when is more research not needed?)

If I had to speculate wildly, I would guess eating lots of saturated fats isn't a great idea, but also, the benefits of unsaturated fats have been over-hyped by food companies

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Actually eating natural saturated fat is highly under-rated, the problems lies in consumption with moderate-high levels of carbohydrates. Then it will become a problem. I suggest reading Zoe Harcombe's fascinating article about nutrition:

This should be compulsory reading IMO.


Yes, this is a blow for the current consensus recommendations, and leaves public (and health professionals) confused. Many nutrition meta-analysis studies support to current advice (to limit saturates in the diet), but it may be that the variation in intakes in saturates (in most typical UK diets) is smaller, than other factors that are known to affect CHD risk (ie genetic, activity levels).

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Have lived long enough to see so many "theories" - which are taken as gospel truth - debunked that this was no surprise. I am sad that my husband's last years were made more miserable by the health gurus who insisted that cheese and butter were his enemies - he so loved his buttered crusty bread and cheese. As in every other thing moderation is key, but my gut reaction is to use natural food rather than anything that's been mucked about with, and, knowing the massive influence marketing has on research (much is funded by multi-nationals and they don't bite the hand that feeds them) I tend to do the exact opposite!


Interesting to see on the Daily Politics Andrew Neil using the telegraph version of the report to attack a health minister


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