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World Environment Day 2018 – Beat Plastic Pollution


Each one of us has a responsibility to protect our planet. If we have our right to use the resources that our planet has to offer, it is, at the same time, our moral responsibility to do something in return. There are a number of ways by which, we can decrease our daily use of plastics:

1. Use glass or stainless steel bottles instead of plastic ones

2. Switch to grocery bags made of natural fibers in place of plastic or paper bags

3. Stop purchasing processed foods that come packaged in plastic containers

4. Replace plastic food storage containers and plastic bags with safer options that are reusable

5. Purchase wooden or metal toys for children

6. Use cloth diapers in place of disposable ones

7. Carry your own glass/metal water bottle

8. Recycle everything

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Hi RoyParker

Those are all great ideas.

Zest :-)

RoyParker in reply to Zest

Hey Zest, thanks a lot :)


Hi Roy, thank you for posting this and here's a link to photo's of the Pacific garbage patch as seeing is believing:

RoyParker in reply to Jerry

Hey Jerry, I am glad that you like the post.

I have also posted about world environment day in another community (weight loss) and felt bad to see the reaction of the members. They felt offended that why I have posted about plastic and environment (which is becoming a grave concern) and not about weight loss!

Thanks for your support :)

JerryAdministrator in reply to RoyParker

I read the criticism Roy and just don't get it, as we dump a truck load of plastic waste into the sea every minute 24/7.

So thank you again for posting this on HE. 😊


This was a very recent incident, which was so sad and horrendous. I think that there's a move that unrecyclable plastic containers would be banned, not sure when but hopefully, it will kick in ASAP!

9. Stop eating fish. See

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