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Something to reflect upon

There are so many diets and so many recommendations that finding ones way in this jungle is not easy😳 What is worrying is the fact that these diets can in fact go very wrong and instead of making us feel better and helping our bodies to function optimaly the result is the oposite. Here are some thoughts that helped me to reflect.


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Don't understand😳Could you explain, please.


Cannot really see how applys ...🤔Not an add just an article.

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I always find your posts sensible and balanced Simba and am interested to hear what Dr Hyman advocates so am reading the book. I am always wary of authors who make money out of diets and theories however, I don't know if Hyman has tried to warn the powers that be in the US about their 'faulty science'. He may well have done and been ignored in the same way people didn't believe that Nixon suppressed info about corn syrup (was it that? It was definitely a syrup) because it was vital to the economy at the time, so who knows what other vested interests there are in certain foods. Like cereals....

Thanks for bringing the theories of Dr Hyman to my attention.

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Thanks simba. I find his style hard to read. As far as I could see he was objecting to criticism of coconut oil but

T it wasn't clear if there had been a major campaign against it or not. He cited one case of sloppy journalism. He said there was no evidence it was bad for or you. Was that what the research found or was it researched at All?

Then it became even more muddled when he spoke about fats in general. So I'm not clear if the article was about fats in general or coconut oil. So his conclusions were hard to pin down.


Hello derrygel,

Thank you for your reply.Did you click on the underlined phrases in the article? You will get a broader picture of what he was talking about. He was talking about fats, different fats, coconut fat interesting since seems to be the safest. Here is more scientific reading on fats if you are interested(?)



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