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The great outdoors 🚶‍♀️

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Good morning, In this article it says 10 reasons why being outside are important.

There is a lot of focus in the media about achieving 10,000 steps a day but not everyone is able to do this.

I think it’s very therapeutic if you can maybe sit somewhere beautiful and take in the view or sit in a forest and relax as although you’re not exercising I think sometimes in a busy world you have to take time out, restock and feed your soul and this is so crucial for a healthy mind and wellbeing.

(This is the view from my house which is looking particularly lush today. It looks like we have oats growing in the field this year. The sun is just thinking about coming out ☀️)

Have a great day!

Ali 😁

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The 10000 steps per day has no medical research to back it up, it was chosen to advertise a pedometer in Japan years ago. It doesn't take into consideration, weight, height, age etc..

Taking time out to watch nature is very good for you, enjoy. 😊

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Hi thank you for your reply. No it doesn’t your right and Sometimes I’ve easily done 20,000 steps and another day 12, 000 and been exhausted due to the fact that the 12,000 steps were achieved doing heavy physical work and the 20,000 because I went for three walks. I suppose it’s good as a guideline.


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Doctors use the 10000 as a guideline to see how active a person is, but everyone is different so we all need different levels of physical activity.

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Absolutely 😁

This looks wonderful Ali, I love being outdoors and amongst nature and agree about sitting in the middle of nowhere and just enjoying being there is great for mind body and soul.

I know that some people aren't very active and for health reasons but being active I know how easy it is to take lots of steps each day and have always been surprised when wearing a fitness device.

Some great advice here so enjoy Mother Nature and reap the benefits...😊

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Yes, the steps quickly add up don’t they. I agree sometimes I’m exhausted and then take one of the dogs for a walk in the woods and feel rejuvenated with every step. Nature is the the best medicine. I think it’s what they now call forest bathing 😁

Ali what a lovely view. I agree totally about being outdoors. Any day l start my morning on the porch with my coffee is a blessing. I even enjoy pulling the weeds in my garden.

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Thank you. That sounds to me like the ideal start to the day. 👍😁

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Hi Ali,

That article is great - so many reasons to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Zest :-)

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Zest

Absolutely. I’m off for a walk today and I think it’s going to be a beautiful day. ☀️

When I developed a back problem a couple of years ago I stopped using a step counter because it was too depressing. Before that my regular walks were 5-6 miles sometimes longer and it wasn’t just about the distance, it was stress relief and nature “feeding my soul”. When I could only shuffle 15 mins round the block in pain so the dog got a walk it affected much more than lack of physical exercise. That went on for 9 months (and a lot of weight gained from comfort eating). When I started physio my goal was to be able to manage a gentle hours walk without a level of pain that would spoil it, that would still allow me to enjoy many beautiful places, and I vowed if I achieved this I would stop mourning the loss of my hiking days. What I have achieved two years on is somewhere in the middle, I can manage an hour at a moderate pace completely pain free, and a bit longer if it is a slow ramble. After that I start to get some stiffness and twinges and know it’s time to stop rest and stretch. And I have fully made peace with this and don’t ever measure myself and what I have achieved against a step counter! Being able to enjoy wonderful nature is a gift I thought might have been taken away from me and now I have it back!

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Fran182716

Hi Fran182716 I’m so glad you are back walking again although much less than you were used to in the past from what you have said. It’s good that you built yourself back up and didn’t resign to the fact that you couldn’t do it anymore. Like you said there is so much more to walking and getting outside than just the exercise and the fresh air. Thank you for sharing your experience. Ali

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ZestAdministrator in reply to Fran182716

Hi Fran,

This is great, and I am so glad to hear you're able to walk again comfortably, and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)

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