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I actually jogged quite a way today

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I can't believe I actually did some jogging today and enjoyed it, think I may have to invest in a good pair of running shoes so as to avoid any injuries.

It's been a dry day here for most of the day so I made the most of it. I also took a photo of a Camelia in bud, this shouldn't be happening in January.!

Hope the rest of you have had a good day.

Have a lovely evening all.

Alicia :)

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Hi Alicia,

Fantastic that you enjoyed some jogging today - and your step-count is great too. Lovely collage of photos - and glad you enjoyed your day. Yes, the Camelias will be opening soon, and it does seem far too early.

Hope you enjoy your evening.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest

Thank you and I did enjoy it, my husband thought I had cut the walk short as I was a lot quicker. I'm trying to take photos from some different angles so they look different from others I've posted, once I'm back on the paths when it dries up they'll be more different ones then. It's far too early for Spring flowers.

Have a lovely evening as well.

Alicia :) xx

Well done :)

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Thank you willsie01 :)

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Blimey Alicia you have got a spring in your step! 😂

Love your selection of photos and a great step count 👍

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Why thank you Ali, it was good to get out. Haven't had time today as I've had a very busy day. In the garden tomorrow shifting aggregate if it arrives on time.😉

Your unstoppable, you must be stocked with duracell batteries 😀

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Lol, my hubby used to call me the Duracell Bunny 😂😂

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Aww, how sweet 😀

Well done... Granni B

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Thank you Granni B😀

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