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Another excellent cycle ride, well nearly!

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I cycled approximately 30 miles today and was loving it. I cycled from the seaside, where I live, to an area on the edge of Dartmoor (Yelverton).

I'm so happy that I'm now able to do this and I have more good than bad days now.

I was ringing my bell on the path to warn people I was behind them but on the way back a man started to move so I could cycle through (he was also on a bike with his very young family) but all if a sudden he moved into the path of my bike and went into me. My arm was grazed a fair bit but the worst thing is I've got a brand new bike, it's less than 2 months old! I was not impressed and I said to him I rang my bell and he saw me.

Fortunately there's nothing seriously wrong with my bike.

Here's a photo of me not long after the ride feeling absolutely fine just annoyed to have scratches on my handlebars.

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Hi Alicia,

That's a lovely photo of you. :-) Wow, that's a long cycle ride. So sorry to hear about your collision though! Glad there's nothing seriously wrong with your bike, and I hope you are ok.

Zest :-)

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crazyfitness in reply to Zest

Hi Zest

Thank you. Yes I love my bike and was annoyed that someone went into me with the wheel of their bike particularly as mine's a brand new one. I'm a bit bruised and a few cuts but I'm all good, more concerned about my bike though.

Alicia 😀

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Lovely photo. Oh dear that’s not good. I hope you’re not too sore today? Could have been worse! Poor you. Such a shame as your bike is so new too. You need a klaxon.

Thank you Ali.

Well this is where two great minds think alike. When I bought a bell for my previous bike, which has now been transferred to my new one, there was a horn for bikes but it was so loud I decided against it. I thought yesterday that may be I should have bought the horn, it was as loud as a klaxon!

I've got some cuts and bruises but it was my bike I was more concerned about.

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Oh dear. You were cycling as you had a sore knee and now you have more than a sore knee. Poor you, Take care x (Klaxon is the way forward lol)

I know, typical, it won't stop me though😉. We are going on a walking holiday to the Lake District soon so more walking, think I'd better take my sheet of physio exercises along with me😆

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Lol. I was just thinking of the Lake District. We used to go the same months as you and my friend went for a week in August which included the bank holiday and she said they couldn’t park where they wanted to go for 4 days so had to keep going to Windermere as it wasn’t as busy as everywhere else. I told her she had to go but I didn’t say go in August 🙄

I hope you’re all sorted out in time for your holiday! Ali

Oh my goodness what a time to go August and over the Bank Holiday weekend, no way would I go anywhere like that during the school holidays. You probably didn't think you friend would go in August.

We are going this month so they'll all be back at school. We tend to go away in either May or June and September. The Lakes is lovely when they're back at school. We are probably going to go on a walk taking in Wray Castle which is the opposite side of the shops along Windemere, I went there last year with our eldest daughter, hubby couldn't join us as he was poorly, and it's a beautiful National Trust property.

Can't wait, love our English countryside😀

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Sounds ideal. Up until this year we went for a few years in May and September. Oh I’ve been there as we stay at Ambleside when we go. Lovely views from upstairs in the castle. When you go in someone greets you and wants to take you on a tour. They said Wray castle was a place where Beatrix Potter lived and as you know in the Lake District she seems to have lived everywhere which makes you wonder how many Beatrix potters there actually were 😂Have fun!

My friends children are grown up, didn’t even have to fit in with schools!! what were they thinking 🤦‍♀️

We love popping down to Ambleside, particularly Gaynor Sports lol. We normally stay in Keswick but this year we are staying at Keswick Reach which is near Cockermouth.

Yes the views from the Castle are awesome and it's a beautiful and pretty walk.

There's no way I'd visit the Lake District in school holiday time when I do t have to, it's the beauty of having grown up children, mad going in August🤔

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Absolutely. I might try and get down there in November or December. Will have to see how things work out.

The Lakes is a fabulous place.

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