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Sunset from the forest🌲🌞

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Hi everyone,

Today I was busy and even though it was rewarding I felt I had nervous energy so went into the forest for a walk and to watch the sunset and it was well worth it. I will give you a word of advice though when walking in the woods at dusk, look where you’re going as there are fallen branches, so however pretty the sky looks walking backwards admiring it has pit falls, literally LOL.

What was interesting today was in my travels I met someone who makes cider and he had bought some land and then an American log cabin to go on it and I was very impressed. It’s a shame I don’t drink as his cider looked good and I was taken aback by the quantity he had. It was more barn brew than home brew...

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You're right about the lovely sunset and view in general, Jerry . I love watching the sunset each night.

Be careful when walking backwards. I actually did something like that once to give space to someone who was walking in a building and I almost went into the painted wall that was attached to a glass door! Not really fun.

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Jerry in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah sunsets are beautiful and always different, I actually did walk backwards into a fallen branch that some idiot had left on the forest floor...🥴 but fortunately was unhurt. 😀

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Activity2004 in reply to Jerry

That’s great news!😀👍

Gorgeous sunset Jerry. Your nervous energy was certainly rewarded tonight.

Will we be seeing a photo of the man's American log cabin in the future? I have seen many different styles through the years. It would be fun to see his. Granni B

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Jerry in reply to Mottsie

Good morning Ganni B and thank you, I enjoyed it except when I took a tumble walking backwards...

I will do my best about photographing his log cabin. 🏡

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Mottsie in reply to Jerry

Good Morning Jerry,

I do sympathize with the falling backwards. I know first hand how frightening it can be. That is what l was doing a lot before l started using my walker. Balance was just not working.

So be careful Jerry & enjoy your lovely walks in the woods & of course keep posting your magnificent photos. They bring a smile to my face. Granni B

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Activity2004 in reply to Jerry

That’s not good, but he shouldn’t have put the branch there.😀

Hi Jerry

Wow, this is a gorgeous sunset. Beautiful! :-)

Zest :-)

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