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Walking in the Autumn and why you don’t need to hang your walking boots up just yet!

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Hi everyone, I love this time of year and it’s great when the weather is still mild in October.

You can have a morning walk where the air is crisp and dry, you have the sun coming through the mist which has a magical feel about it and in the day you have the benefits of the sun and the leaves just starting to turn. It’s a great time to get outdoor get some fresh air and appreciate the beauty around us.

Here is a link to why it’s great to get outside at this time of year...


Ali 🙂

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Hi Ali, I love October and theres lots of reasons to, I think the country side has a rugged beauty in bad weather whereas cities are grey and drab, mind you I do like being warm and cosy inside when the weather is inclement...🙂

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry, I agree and although it’s nice when it’s hot and sunny, I don’t think you can beat a fast walk in cold weather. Especially if it’s not raining and yes like you say it’s lovely being cosy and warm too. 🙂

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