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Early Sunday morning walk

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We got up early today as we had the lovely Lola overnight. It’s a bit grey, drizzling and windy but it’s not particularly cold.

The ground was wet and there were leaves falling. There was a lovely earthy smell in the air and I love that.

Whilst I was away on holiday last week I read a book about forest bathing called into the forest, How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness by Dr Qing, Li it’s a really interesting little book and would make a lovely present for someone. It explains the proven benefits between nature and wellbeing. How the smells from the different trees, ground and leaves have healing properties and are proven to reduce stress, Improve energy level, reduce blood pressure and boost immunity. It talks about the benefits of walking barefoot, watching the sunset, listening to the wind etc. Interesting considering humans spend 90% of our lives indoors!

Ali 🙂

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What a treat having Lola overnight Ali, she is so beautiful. That is very interesting about nature and wellbeing, It all makes perfect sense, do we really spend 90% of our time indoors, thats really not good at all. Very thought provoking

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thank you Debs. The book is really interesting. Probably not anything you dont already know but it reinforces it. I loved it. It's full of backed up facts and information.

I will take a look, Thank you 😀

Hi Ali,

Lola looks very comfy there! Glad you enjoyed your walk, and the lovely earthy smell in the air.

I've heard of Forest bathing - I think it was featured also on a programme on TV that I watched - with Sue Perkins. Your book sounds good - lovely to be mindful of environments and nature.

Zest :-)

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Zest

It certainly is. I often feel shattered when I finish the gardening work I do and then take teddi for a walk in the woods. After 15 minutes or so in the woods I start to feel energised so you definitely do feel the benefits. It was a lovely book to read. I hadn't seen that program that sounds interesting too 🙂

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Hi Ali

Aww lovely having Lola overnight. It was grey here to start today but broke away to sunshine mid morning and we had a beautiful afternoon. I just had to make the most of it and go for a powerwalk.

I do like the sound of the book you read, I really enjoy walking through our local woods, there's something about the trees and very interesting fungi I often see. Trees are beautiful and I'm so fortunate to live very close to two woods.

By the way, welcome back.😀

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Thank you Alicia. I had a lovely time and now I’m back in winter mode. The book was very good and lovely to read. Forest bathing is a big thing in Japan. It made me want to go there after reading the book. Not right now though 💨 ☔️ 🌧. It makes you feel better being out in nature but it’s good to read that it’s been proven and what it is that actually makes you feel better. You are lucky to live close to the woods and the coast. I hope you get more power walks in this week and manage to avoid any showers.

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Hidden in reply to Agoodenough

I'm so pleased you had a good time and yes I'm afraid it's almost winter mode here, if we get much more rain we'll need canoes ;). The book sounded so relaxing and it's proof that nature is very good for our mental health, no pill or potion will do as well as nature, the sounds and the sights. I'm not one for exercising indoors although I understand this time of year as the days are so much shorter. Ah well, next Sunday, 27 October will be when the clocks change, then I'll cheer when it's 21 December and the shortest day as the days will then be going the right way. I am definitely a Spring/Summer and very early Autumn person, now late Autumn/Winter. Yes I'm so glad I live close to the woods and the coast, the only other places I would live are Derbyshire in the middle of the country or of course, you've guessed it, the Lake District. :)

Good Morning Ali... Lola look comfy & happy!

I have a board that l am ready to paint...

Abstract trees &


the Japanese Art Of Forest Bathing

If l ever finish it l will post a picture...

I will look for the book... it sounds like my cup of tea.


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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Mottsie

Oh I would love to see it finished or not. Yes it’s a lovely easy read book, worth looking out for.

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