Thermal Leggings

Coldness affects me. Slow metabolism from being ill means my body can't make as much heat as it should and with the generally wonky brain I'm more likely to get grumpy or lose ability to do anything much when even a bit cold. It's been snowing this week and the usual advice is to put on an extra jumper, which is all well and good for arms and torso but not so good for the legs. Ladies can put on tights but those went out of fashion for men a few hundred years ago. So I got some thermal leggings from an outdoors shop and have taken to wearing them most days. It all helps.

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  • Good morning.

    Way to go........... been wearing thermals for years now, tops, bottoms, men's, womens, doesn't matter as long as I'm warm ;-) Good for you, now you can keep toastie warm whilst everyone else is freezing. Have a good day x

  • Base layers made of Merino wool are the best (if not the cheapest...!). You can wear them constantly for days and they never whiff unlike synthetics. Comfy, too :-)

  • I have problems with temperature fluctuations but for me that is resulting from my damaged pituitary gland

  • i know exactly how you feel and its not good my friend, i know i keep saying the same thing but can you get to live in a hot country for winter it works for me, reply yes or no then we will take it from there, lots of love ,

  • It was living in a hot country that got me into this mess in the first place!

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