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heightened sense of smell

my sah was in dec 2007 i awokew in feb 2008 but ever since i have noticed a heightened sense of smell i was advised in hopsital that it is normal even when watching tv to the extent of almose smellovision have just watcdhed a 60's tv prog in which an old telephone baox was used conjuring up all the smells i remember as a kid urine musty dirty etc

wondered if anyone else had a similar experience also and i do know this is normal one is extra ewmotional i may be 51 about to be 52 but anything starts up the waterworks especially tv programmes watching the rememerance day parade i was blubing away


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oh yes.. i can relate to both. When some senses are weakend if not destroyed other senses become more powerful. A bit like if you loose your sight then your hearing and smell get stronger to protect you. With a brain injury you are less likely to be able to protect yourself so other senses kick in.big time.to compensate, touch taste smell, trust, analyzing things and people. They say what ever your WEAKEST point was before a TBI like emotions are trebled after.


I'm coming very late to this question, but I can really relate.

My sense of smell is really heightened and I struggle in some situations...when the senses are intensified foul smells can make me gag, perfume and other chemicals make it hard for me to breathe, food smells can make be nauseous - especially fried food... I find that medicated tissues help me to cope when I am out in public. Slow breathing through one of these helps to block the unpleasant or irritating odours.

I console myself that I would be really useful in a potential emergency...I can smell burning toast way before anyone else ;)

My sense of hearing is intensified also and I wear orchestra ear plugs 90% of the time to cope with this.

As for emotions...mine are very near the surface post injury and I can find myself blubbing at the slightest thing... I used to be embarrassed by this but now I figure its better to be emotional than to not have have any feelings at all.

Take care of and be kind to yourself


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