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head injury due to fall

last week i fell on my kichen floor i landed on my head the right side just above my right eye

i was just passing out when my son came and found me he woke me and carried me to my bed he made me stay awake and gave me hot sweet tea for the shock i felt dizzy and loosing my memmory scince it happend i stupidly i refused hospital as i felt to unwell to go as i would have had a 5 hour wait in a&e and i am dissable also find it ard to sit stand for long however this injury has caused headaches and other problems on a daily bases does anyone know if i it has caused brain dammage xx

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I'm a neuropsychologist. I would strongly recommend that you to seek medical advice.

It sounds as if you were knocked out but you came to quite quickly so there is a very good chance that everything will be fine. However, without a proper medical examination, it would be unwise to say anything more.

Would it be better to wait the 5 hours in A&E or would it be better to have your current uncertainties?

Take care


Hello. I'm not a health professional but a head injury 'survivor', I sustained a head injury almost six years ago after falling down a full flight of stairs. I didn't black out at any time and although I had immediate A&E treatment, I wasn't diagnosed with a brain injury for three months. Until this was the case I thought I was going mad as nothing seemed normal, when I came across the Headway website describing some of the symptoms I was experiencing I cried with relief!

Brain injury changed my life (and the lives of those closest to me) and I still have major problems everyday. I have received wonderful help from all sorts of associated medics, but I still get angry and frustrated that there is the assumption that unless you lose consciousness then it's not a serious injury. Even what medics class as minor injuries change lives.

The key for me was having a GP that recognised the symptoms of brain injury and made referal to the Brain injury consultant. The associated Rehab team told me that I was lucky to have a GP who did understand as many people are overlooked for years, simply because the symptoms and problems are not recognised or understood.

Best wishes.


Hi lordjesus1,

Thank you for your post, and really sorry to hear of the symptoms you are experiencing. This is quite a common scenario as many people aren't made aware of the potential longer term effects of a head injury.

As previous posters have said, you do need to speak to your doctor as soon as possible to get a proper check.

We have some information on our website for just this situation: headway.org.uk/minor-head-i...

It explains the potential warning signs that would require a return to the Emergency Department, and some of the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome, which is a commonly used term for more persistent effects of a head injury.

At the bottom our the above page you can download our factsheets 'Minor head injury discharge advice' and 'Could it be a brain injury? A guide for general practitioners'. It can be helpful to print these and take them along to your GP appointment.

Do let us know if you need any more information, and if you'd like to talk things through in confidence contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk.

Best wishes,



i had a bad head injury in 06 three fractures head two cuts on brain lost hearing on left

lost smell taste am chemicl sensitive memory issues mood swings confution and more

now six years later with little or no help am still here so keep going be you poz mental att


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