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Update on my son

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We had my sons 3 monthly review last week and the progress he has made is amazing. The DNAR has been removed and his morphine has been halved. He has gone from lower end of MCS- to the upper end of MCS+ on the verge of emergence. His mobility has improved so now he doesn’t need to have a baclofen pump. He is not talking yet but he is very vocal and joins in conversations in his own way. He can mark make with a pen on paper and can do basic things on an iPad. Everyone at his rehab unit is amazed by him. This time last year the hospital told us he would never be able to do anything but now he’s trying to brush his teeth and he’s wiping his face with a towel. We never gave up hope and he is now proving the hospital wrong.

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Your son sounds determined and spirited .....what great news that he's actively engaging in attempts at personal care ; it shows such promise doesn't it ! I'm so pleased for you Hopeful after what's been a long and stressful wait.

Best wishes for your boy's continuing progress m'love.... Cat x

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Thank you. He is a fighter and always has to prove people wrong x

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Good for him H. Onwards & upwards ! 🙂 x

Wonderful news

What a positive post! I am so pleased for you and your son. It does show you must never give up hope.

I am so so pleased for you. This must be such a joy for you all and giving you even more hope. What an amazing young man he is and what a fantastic mum he has. Love and best wishes to you all xx

Excellent news. Never give up hope. Fingers crossed he goes from strength to strength. Xx

Thank you for sharing that wonderful update, smiling to read that, keep going...It's fabulous news!!! Xx

That’s such positive news! As Cat says - onwards and upwards 🙂

Hi Hopeful, amazing news, we thrive on hope on this site, we have all been at the lowest ebb, and know there will be other people coming after us looking for hope and encouragement, it gives us all joy to share your brilliant news, may your son continue to go from strength to strength, love Alice xx

So happy to be able to share in your son’s wonderful progress. I hope he continues to show his strength and determination in the coming months - definitely onwards and upwards for him.

I visit this forum every day and certainly echo Alice’s comments.

Very best wishes Nanapal. x

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