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I've discovered the secret!!

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Not sure whether commiseration or congratulation is in order ! But I can truly relate to how the breaking of a limb (only the one in my case) is the perfect distraction from other issues. I thought I had mobility issues before breaking my foot a couple of years ago 'til quite suddenly I was on crutches and shuffling up & down stairs on my bum !

Only 6 more weeks Andy and you'll be as good as new (the new you of course). Keep your spirits up m'love (or is that down - with the meds) ? Either way I'll be checking up on you..

Avoid unnecessary gallivanting. 😏 Love to you all, E. xx

What on earth!! What happened to you?

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Out walking and a pothole collapsed on the road causing my ankle to turn in and break my foot. I then collapsed in a heap, throwing my arm out to break my fall, shattering my wrist...

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Wow...you don't do things by halves. I hope you heal fast and stay out of trouble! x

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Did I mention I bruised my ribs as well? :(

Oh dear! I hope you start to feel better soon. I guess that is one way to take your mind off other things, though a bit drastic. Wishing you a good recovery .

Oh no - poor you! So sorry! It was bad enough when I fell broke my finger this year - much sympathy! Cat's right, six weeks...and do all your physio 🌸🌸

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Thanks! I'll be all right...

I broke my wrist when I had my brain injury and all I got was paracetamol in a drip,what really IS your secret,get well soon❤️

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Thank you!