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Clogged ears after concussion?


Hi everyone!

Did anyone have plugged ears after a concussion? I had a concussion a little over 2 months ago, and since then I’ve been dealing with this uncomfortable symptom (one of them). My right ear seems blocked and my hearing seems off. I had a CT scan that came back clear and I went also to an ENT to check on my ears. I had a hearing test done and it was fine. I don’t see this as a concussion symptom anywhere, so I’m very confused about this. I’ve been having some low white noise tinnitus. Sometimes the ringing comes louder, but lasts for only a few seconds.

Did anyone go through this? Does it get better? It’s been already two months and it doesn’t feel like it’s getting better.

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I don't have experience of this, but I have been under the care of a hearing therapist for a few months and I wondered if you could get a referral. My GP refe5me to the local neurological rehabilitation service. The doctor there referred me for several things, including audiology. A doctor from audiology spoke to me and then he sent me on to the hearing therapist. I do hope you can get this sorted. All the best. 🙂🌸

Ni_M in reply to Marnie22

Thank you so much Marnie! I will check that out! I’ve seen some unresolved threads about this online, and some people reported the same symptoms. They said that it gets better with time/rest.

Marnie22 in reply to Ni_M

I just remembered, Tinnitus UK have a website and a helpline. Here's the link:

They were very kind and helpful to me when I rang the helpline - even though I don't have tinnitus! My problem has been sensory overload since a brain injury five years ago.

I am sure that they could give you good and accurate advice.

Ni_M in reply to Marnie22

Sorry to hear about your problem Marnie! I hope you’re doing better!! Thank you so much for all the info. You were a big help 🙂🙏🏻

Marnie22 in reply to Ni_M

No problem. 🙂🌸

Dear Ni_M,

An obvious question really... but did you get any 'form' of Tinnitus Prior To your injury?

In answer to you question... I honestly don't know, the Tinnitus could be due to damage to the Ear, or your Brain- the part that processes Audio Information (it is even Possible that it is Both)

Ok start with the Practical, have both your ears 'Checked' for excess wax- a problem I often 'get'. Next get, if you can!, a Full Auditory Analysis, normally this is 'Done' in a Completely Sound Proof Room. This will give you the EXTENT of your Injury and the Best Treatment(s) available for you. Advances in Hearing Technology are 'happening' All The Time and it is now possible, using something called a Cochlear Implant, to effectively 'Bypass' a damaged Ear Drum.... assuming, of course, that that Is your Problem.

One 'things', for sure, NOTHING can be 'done' until a Full Ear Test has been carried out. Do speak to your 'Team', or Doctor, about getting this done Ni_M.

Wishing you well, our thoughts are With You


Ni_M in reply to AndrewT

Hi Andrew!

Thank you for your reply! I did have some occasional ringing before the concussion.

What is different to me now are the clogged ears. The ENT doctor told me that the bones on the CT scan look good. I will definitely ask her about the full auditory analysis test, and to check for excess wax!


Hi, I had my tbi just over 2 years ago, I was promised an ENT appointment with every doc I spoke to but am still waiting. In the beginning it was just feeling as if it was stuffed with cotton wool, but very far down my ear. Over the last 6 months that has eased slightly but just this constant itch deep in my ear. My hearing has definitely been affected by it, but at least I do not have the constant sound of blood pumping now. Due to the lockdowns it is impossible to get a doc appointment here (or should I say hear😀😃) let alone an ENT one. Good luck with getting yours sorted, let un know as maybe it will give me some idea who to eventually contact.

Ni_M in reply to haverfordwest


Thank you for your reply! I’m glad to know that things have improved for you. Maybe we just have to give it some time while our brain heals? That’s what I’ve been reading in other threads at least. I didn’t find a lot about this online, but some people went through the same thing and they all said that it gets better with time.

Some people also say that the clogged ears could be related to the neck vertebrae and muscles.

I will let you know how things go.


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