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I’m built for this


Lockdown drives ppl mad as they aren’t used to it and my neighbour can’t believe how well I’m handling this.

This is actually normal for most people with a head injury.

Friends are like hens teeth anyway and it’s usually the case that you’re on your own

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Your post is spot on. 'Everybody' is looking forward to the end of lockdown, but things won't be any different for a lot of us. Thanks for bringing it up. 🙂🌸

That’s exactly what I thought the first time round! But thankfully now there is light at the end of the tunnel because now I am beginning to suffer cognitively. I used to have a ‘takeout’ once a week for two hours which kept me engaged with the community and a bit of shopping and just practising social skills (yep, still practising after 15 years LOL!) But it’s been over a year now since we were out, as it’s car sharing but I am hoping that once my carers and I have had our second injections they might resume.. I hope you are doing okay..

spideyman in reply to Coffeegal

I volunteer at a local foodbank and I’ve not even had my first injection

Coffeegal in reply to spideyman

I have a disease of the nervous system too so I was relieved to eventually be called even though when I got there they said you’re not on the list but it’s done. I’m just looking forward to getting out and about a bit and being able to see my family.

Make the most of it, it will be back to non essential tick box appointments with government agencies soon. Long live the lockdown, pure bliss.

Marnie22 in reply to pinkvision

The first lockdown did cause me considerable problems , as my EMDR therapy was put on hold for several months., which was horrendous. Thankfully I have been back at that for several weeks. I will be pleased when this ends for one reason - everyone on the radio (I don't watch TV) will stop taking about when it might happen! 😀🌸

spideyman in reply to pinkvision

The DWP have extended the date when I have to be reviewed

Lockdown is cake for me..with all my head stuff and living in middle of nowwhere.Good post btw

Must admit I don't mind lock down and would not be unhappy if it continues to the summer to get the vaccinations and resistance high enough for the rest of the year.

What does annoy me is that we now have developed such a spineless set of people in the country whom do not really know what real hardship is or indeed what real "mental health" or stress is. I am understand some people feeling lonely or isolated but girls bleating about their mental health because they can not go to a night club until the early hours or not being able to get their nails done.

I even had an engineer fixing our washing moaning that he hasn't been able to go on holiday for the last few months and that he was so stressed. When I was concerned that he had not had a break because of the workload. he explained that had plenty of breaks in the UK but he normally leaves the kids here with his parents and goes on package holidays to spend the week by a pool drinking beer and people like him whom aren't that vulnerable to Covid should be allowed to do what they want. Lucky I was wearing a face mask as he would not be able to guess what my lips were saying behind my mask .....

Painting-girl in reply to sospan

Oh crikey S , what a creep to have to have in the house! I have a lovely image of you saying things behind your mask though 😊

sospan in reply to Painting-girl

The big problem is that the UK is full of idiots like him who don't believe in the restrictions hence so many people in the UK have died compared to other countries.

Painting-girl in reply to sospan

Yeess - A friend sent me some stats showing death rates per million, and ours at 1822 are unfortunately pretty awful for a developed economy. Worse than most of Europe (except Brussels, Czechia and Slovenia) and worse than the US, Canada, and Australia for example...

Women prime ministers across the world seem to have had good results...😊


sospan in reply to Painting-girl

Already, local newspaper in Wales posting pictures of large groups gathering in the sunshine. So all the good work will be undone soon. We just don't common sense or obey the rules in this country anymore

One of the reasons I am glad we don't have such a large nuclear capability. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had more big red buttons to launch the nukes. Somewhere there would be a group of blokes going - "press it, press it, see if it works!"

I couldnt agree more. Lockdown started just 2 yrs after my ABI and it just feels like an extension of the same pretty much

Im more concerned about coming out of lockdown cos when the world returns to normal and we're still doing the same the relative difference can make one very unhappy

That'll be the hard bit

Yes, ive been drumming constantly about covid, masks, 2 mtr distancing, this month slight incident whilst shopping as couple at till didnt keep to the distance, despite having our code word, it did nothing. It went awfully quiet with incident, staff didnt say one word either, couple stood back in shock, was glad to get out of carpark and area , absolutely dreading lockdown easing when accessing the community in the practical sense of what we knew, but want it to ease for loved ones parted in such distressing times

Marnie22 in reply to Headshrink

Yes, I have been thinking the same recently.

So true, so true 👍 😀

Yes, good point spideyman😊. I didn't actually find my baseline activity level (where I mainly wasn't fatigued) until we got locked down last year. Once I found that point, it's been easier to work out how I need to manage life - doing much less than I thought originally - because a couple of U3A groups, plus medical appointments, and small social stuff, were evidently too much.

Virtual appointments are a godsend. Saves me the tortuous task of working out how, when, and where I've got to be to get somewhere.

Hi ya,

This is soo true and I glad you pointed it out... I think many of us have been thinking the same.

I attended a local support group (for the first time) for brain injury and brain tumour patients a week before the 1st national lockdown was announced last year in March. In it, I remember everyone making the same comments about the possibilities of being told to stay at home and if it were to happen, how it wouldn't be a problem at all 😁 one patient even joked it would save them the need of thinking up excuses not to go out.

Also, many living with a brain injury use daily / weekly routines highly succesfully to live thier lives. Another area where I hear some folks without a disability are struggling to live day to day not knowing what to do.


So right in everything you’ve said here. Hearing everyone talk about missing work etc and I’m here like yeah, this has been my life for 12 years.

100% with you. 2020 has been my best year yet since my accident in 2016. The peace, pace and time for reflection has benne therapy in itself.

RockinRic in reply to Katewgibbs

Kate that's a really good point to highlight, it's totally right. I'm a carer but my wife has a ABI and has been home from hospitsl and rehab only two years, I have seen the positive change in her from the chance to be home and have our own pace and I've also managed to teach her to cook confidently now which allows us to do much more together now with such skills.

Keep well!

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