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Hard to know I have a brain injury


2 years ago I had accident.

Brain injury I have, and I have no idea what this is. I have quite a few life changes which confuses me! I have to admit that I have brain injury but I have a clue what it is!

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Haven’t a clue what it is

We're u diagnosed with a brain injury?

Yes, that’s why they kept me in hospital for 6 weeks, I also broke my neck, but that fixed easily. I had letter from hospital to make an appointment with neurologist. I will call tomorrow to make appointment. I have been there a few times.

Good idea so u can get answers.

Appointment is 17th November over the telephone.

I’m trying to get a doctors appointment too.

I have now cut my house down at work as it is too much for me.

It’s so lovely talking to everyone.

How are you doing? X

Hours! Not house!

Taking each day as it comes..thank u for asking.

How r u today?

Welcome Ali.

Your medical records will show the nature of your injuries and when you meet with the neurologist you need to ask about the after-effects of brain injury.

Can you tell us how you've been feeling since your accident and what treatment you received in hospital. Cat x

AliPali2177 in reply to cat3

Morning Cat,

My family said I was looked after well and got me good enough to go home. but I didn’t get brain injury help as it wasn’t my local hospital. I got sent there as it was a good hospital for my brain injury.

I’m making my appointment today and I’m going to write lots of questions and what I notice how different I am. That will explain how it happened and how to change with the brain injury. X

Still can’t work picture out!!! It’s saves in my photos so how do I post it?!! X

AliPali2177 in reply to cat3

I feel nothing happened to me and I'm normal. But when i try to do this that i know i can do my brain wont let me do it.

I feel silly.I'm lucky i have amazing fiance, family and friends, but i feel I'm putting loads on them as they all worry about me but i cant understand why.

Its nice to explain my feelings to you all, its nice to be me and not hide my worries and put more on my family. xxxx

cat3 in reply to AliPali2177

Ali, after reading further down the thread I now see more clearly what's happening with you. You've obviously had a serious brain injury, but the damage to your left temporal lobe is preventing you from recognizing the issues and changes within yourself.

This is quite common among brain injury survivors and can be frustrating for both the person with the injury and for their loved ones. But hopefully, with time and therapy, you and those around you will come to adapt to the situation and begin to manage it more easily.

Please keep us updated on how things are going as you learn more from your hospital appointments. Take care...

Cat x

AliPali2177 in reply to cat3

Thank you so much.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you again so so much xx

AliPali2177 in reply to cat3

Is it ok if I can send you a picture private? X

Saying that... I should put a picture on this so all can see rather than hide x

cat3 in reply to AliPali2177

Yes Ali, put one on the forum so everyone can identify with you a little more ! 😉 x

AliPali2177 in reply to cat3

I don’t know how to do it!!!!! X

cat3 in reply to AliPali2177

Do you have a photo file on your computer ? If you do you can upload a photo onto the forum from there.

Just select 'Write' as you do to start a post, then scroll down to select 'Add Photo'. You'll be taken to your files where you can choose a photo to post. Click on the photo and it will upload....

Hope that helps Ali. x

Maybe try your GP

You need to know what type of injury you have, how it was caused (if you don't remember), what impacts this is likely to have and what can be done about it (if anything). Good luck.

Hi, I’ve just look and letter from hospital to doctor, I had a skull base fracture and hymans fracture. I had a traumatic brain injury to the left of temporal frontal lobes, I also was diagnosed with an incidental left 5mm MCA Bifurcation aneurysm, I now have epilepsy.

I can’t get the fact round my head this is all about me.

I will ask as my hospital appointment what this is all about.

It’s lovely talking to people that understand that I don’t understand what has happened to me and what I will be now.

I need space on my own... xx

I don’t need space on my own from you guys xxxxx

Brain therapy is specifically designed for ur injury n helps u with everyday life n ur new life now.

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