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Personality issues


Hi All,

I have recently come to a realisation I wanted to share.I am 2yrs post ABI and its been a long journey of recovery but also introspection and I really feel I have rediscovered my true self!(admittedly a bit mental)I am back at work though so cant be that bad? and im a doctor so meet lots of people!However I have lost my family(wife and kids). A lot of people talk about personality change after brain injury and only people who know me really well might say i am slightly different(less guarded, more open, which I now think are positive things)I am at a stage where I really dont care about others perceptions but am worried perhaps I have lost insight and maybe am completely mental?Anyone had anything similar?

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I just wanted to add that its more that Ive embraced my true self rather than behaving differently, Its like my innate nature has been set free

For me..I definately had a personality change after my 2nd accident .I was even told from my doctors that this would be the new me.I went from being super quiet n shy,"yes" person to I think the real me,very engaging, and sarcasticly very funny.Im not for everyone😁

I also don't care what others think of the "new me",because it's not like I can get the old me back.

I personally think all ur feelings are valid.

Takes one to know one I guess 😊

Sounds like youve changed a lot!, as I said only people who know me intimately might notice my change and the slight change is probably good for me, its just that people ie my partner didnt like the change as they thought it was' weird' and even if it wasnt the brain damage the trauma of nearly dying etc would be enough to change anyone.My impression is that its people's prejudice , they go 'he's had a brain injury' and they look for stuff to label you

I have changed alot BUT people think I have a opinion now!?I think it's mainly because they cant "see" my damaged brain n I don't have a hump on my back n drag myself around LOL .If u look fine on the outside,no one gets it.Ive given up explaining it to anyone anymore.

Listen..we r the ones stuck in our bodies n heads as they r NOW.

For took too much energy to explain to people over n over, my changes n if they were onboard.

People put "labels" on stuff they dont understand n dont care to understand (in my opinion)..those types arent welcome in my life😁

It's about loving n liking the "you", u r now.The good ones will be beside u n not judge u.😊

I agree, it is what it is and no-one knows unless you tell them, it sounds like you feel as if you've changed for the better which is kind of how i feel but the people closest to me couldnt accept it, is all

"I" think I've changed for the better but I do think my sense of humor ,sarcasm does catch others by surprise n shock at times (btw I think is hysterical/looks on there faces).

The lose of friends n family was hard for me..but then I realised..they r missing out on me n my life..there loss. friends where I live,all online or phone.Family..lost cause.

Doctors warned my family of a potential change in my behaviour if I survived and, once I was fully compass mentis and eager for details, I was shocked to hear mention of my heightened opinionism and emotional lability.

But I don't see it as a change of personality so much as (as you said yourself Headshrink) a revealing of our true selves minus the inhibition we learned at an early age.

I began recognising my new traits18 months post Bi and chose to reign them in (mostly) unless seriously provoked ! 😒 x

Headshrink in reply to cat3

Thanks thats interesting to hear

I am different and its been a long road to accepting this new alien reality. I had a brain bleed. I know what you mean by losing 'insight' and its a very important question, especially being a doctor. Thankfully, I have a few important people to depend on that will give me honest feedback and support. I'm sorry you have had losses to bare, but I'm impressed to hear you've clawed your way back to practise. Are you a shrink?


I'm sorry that was too obvious. Its not often we get psychiatrists on the forum!

I suppose not. But there you go. It only gets more complicated of course. Its kind of a double entendre as ive lost some brain but also used to be the boss

O'h dear, I will have to read your previous posts to catch up. I can only agree that 'insight' is crucial to understanding people. I might get back to you on thoughts later.

Insight is more crucial to understanding oneself

I had my tbi a year and 8 months ago and I have definitely changed because of it,I came out happier and more positive at my second chance of life ,I said to my brain specialist it's as if someone switched off my depression and anger switch he said he was never switching them back in !!!

Yes I worried about the same thing too; even decades after my TBI but I went on a seminar a couple of years back by Dr Bessel van der Kolk which led me to reading up on Family Systems Therapy. At a strictly amateur level of course; I'm no doctor.

It has led me in recent years to thinking that after my accident, another part of me became employed in 'driving the bus' and these days I'm entirely fine with that.

I’ve lost lots but only due to my memories for the last five years are simply gone. I feel stupid because I can’t remember all the good parts but the remembrance of all the bad things that I endured are burn into my mind. The only thing I can offer you is friendship because we are all here to try and fight this ordeal. Whenever you feel you can’t go on please come here and we will all support you. You have my utmost respect due to your soul giving you hope. Please take care and I will always be here

May your Gods go with you

Thanks. I will and am thinking aboutbgoing to my local headway vroup which, of course ,is also virtual

How is it today then ? Here in Germany the weather is really good today and we’re off to the Rhine walking for a little way and sitting down to watch ships go past

That sounds lovely. weather getting colder and wetter here so am just working from home, at least I can work, so thats good!

Good to hear that you’re working 😁 I’m officially retired now and that’s excellent for me

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