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Xmas read!

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Hope you’re all ok as Xmas is getting closer, it’s always a little overwhelming for me. I try and post positive affirmations and how I’m helping to raise awareness but if you haven’t bought this already then it would be a great Xmas read and I’m not being biast, as I only wrote this to help others in a Similar situation to mine. I couldn’t relate to much so I didn’t want others to feel as alone as I did. You can purchase from Amazon / Waterstones and others sites please visit kavitabasi.com. Merry Xmas and happy reading !

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You'll be delighted to know my library gets books in really quickly.

For me Xmas creeps up too quickly, I'm already practicing my apologies for no card.

I no longer celebrate Xmas because it's now really a celebration of shopping and desire. Not the actual meaning of it.

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I’m donating 10% of my profits to the Brain and Spine Foundation Charity . Even if you no longer celebrate I hope you have a good well rested few days x

Got this for Xmas 😁

Happy reading x

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