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Amazon Echo

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One of the "aids" that works really well - Amazon Echo. It is so simple to use and much better than typing or writing things down.

The speech recognition is really impressive and haven't found a problem yet. It is really good for setting reminders, lists etc.

All you have to say is "Alexa, remind me in 5 mins to check the rice" etc, The same with appointments and other reminders. It can also send a reminder as a text message to to your mobile.

Quite impressed as to how useful they are.

They are on offer at the moment if someone has a gap on their Christmas list

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Thanks for the heads up 😁


Hi, I have just had one of these, I was making mistakes writing down appointments on my calendar and turning up on the wrong day for things,so embarrassing.The lists are great as I remember things just ask Alexa to add them,great little gadget

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sospan in reply to Nettiefour

I used to do the same especially if you have to type the date in. The good thing as well is that other people can add reminders as well.

Didn’t realise it could do that! My girlfriend just bought one so now I can set reminders when the bath is running or food cooking. Result 😁 thank you 🙏

Hi sospan. I've just ordered an Echo based on your recommendation, as it'd be very useful, when I'm already having to multitask, to just be able to say things which come to mind & not lose track of what I'm currently doing...! (Damned annoying! 🤨) Many thanks for your recommendation...! 👍🏾

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Ivanlc in reply to Ivanlc

... Of course, I chose to look into the Echo at exactly the WRONG time of year and won't get mine till the end of January!!! 😱


Wow just checked, some aren't available until the end of January.

The supply is probably down to Screwfix and Amazon running promotions on them for the last few weeks. I would keep an eye promotions at the start of January as they normally reduce them in the sales

U got one for my husband when he came out of hospital last year.He is unable to read or write now.It has helped improve his speech and he uses it everyday to play his music and ask questions.Also he can ring family up if I was ill or just for a chat.One of the best things I bought.x

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