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OMG brain mass responces are Love with the First responder in Santa Clara CA

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White male must love Jews so much to Strike me on left side of head by white male with intent of hate. The Santa Clara sherriff dept arrived and saved my brain making report and taking immediate action. The rural ambulance arrived the staff aasesed the servity sustained. At hospital C. E scanned while ears ringing head ache and sleepy. Two days later after injury I am q. a. Why am i sleep/ Why do I have tremors? Why and missing info m?

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Your post is very disjointed my friend, possibly a result of your injuries ? If you've sustained a head injury with trauma to the brain you may be feeling many symptoms including headaches, dizziness, fatigue and confusion. You should talk with your doctor about these.

I hope the doctors have told you to rest and to avoid vigorous movement of the head whilst the symptoms persist. Best wishes to you...


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