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Affects of the heat wave


Hi folks. I'm the stepmum of a chap (46) who had a severe TBI at 17. We look after him at home. He has no speech so sometimes working out how he feels or what is wrong is difficult. My question is, how does this terrific heat affect you? J is very lethargic, doesn't want to get out of bed, but will if pushed. Generally doesn't want to drink but will eat. I feel that it's just the heat but would like to understand a bit more.

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Hi Dianne. Is J normally quite animated, suggesting the lethargy is unusual for him ?

I do find myself needing to lie down more often during the hot weather as it increases fatigue and headaches to a point where I would gladly stay in bed all day (facing a v.large fan) ! I love the sunshine and warm weather but don't cope at all well with this extreme heat...…...find it pretty overwhelming.

Cat x

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Thank you cat3, he is normally much more lively. He's got the option of lying in bed and that's what he chooses to do at the moment. I'm sure you are right and thank you so much for your reply.X


Im getting very fatigued with the constant heat. It's making me really lethargic and tired, only I can't sleep during the day since my bleed. Super frustrating... let's hope the heat changes soon.. only then we will complain that we don't get much sunshine ☀️ we are never happy. 😂 Lots of shade I guess is the answer. Good luck

Thanks Cornishwaves. That's a great help. Take care.

have you tried a picture board? speak to social services, theyll come out and see what else they can do for you.

in this weather it is important he drinks or the body will dehydrate. an easy way to check for dehydration is to pinch the skin on his hand, if it stays there or is slow to go back, then that is a sign of dehydration.

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Thanks Steve, we're on it!

My husband doesn't feel like moving at all in this heat so I buy ice lollies and make jelly with fruit in which I find helps with the fluid intake as they go down quite well. If my husband doesn't fell like eating I always have a lolly made from fortisip or somesuch in the freezer and this works well too. Good luck keep cool

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Thanks Zarilda!

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