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My Story



In mid May I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. I had no previous medical problems and am aged 30.

I was in intensive care for 9 days and in hospital for 5 weeks. I have been told I have hypoxic brain injury. I have good days and bad days and I am waiting for my neurological rehab to start next week.

It would be nice to hear from and chat to other people.

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Welcome it’s things like this happening that makes you realise anything could happen to you at any time. I was in bad car accident 6 years ago until then the possibility of something like that happening never even crossed my mind. Luckily just about the only thing I ever do for safe option is wearing seat belts so that definitely saved my life that day.

Hi Mark

I hope you're doing ok in your on going recovery. I replied to your Sundden Cardiac Arrest at 30 post. Our stories sound like we have a lot in common.

I'm here if you want to chat or compare notes.

Good luck x

Hi my husband had a cardiac arrest in May and similar to you was in ITU for 10 days and hospital for 3 weeks then straight to Neuro rehab unit for 3 months. He is now home and doing g really well but unlike you he had to learn to read and is still struggling with writing, he has no memories of the past 30 years and could remember friends and family but fortunately has got to know us all again but has facial blindness with people he hadn’t seen in a long time. He was doubley incontinent and struggled to even dress himself . He is 52 so you have youth on your side sounds like you are doing well, life has been hard but believe me a few months down the line and you will really improve. He has good and bad days and is unable to make and decision regarding money etc . Life is good and we take every day as it comes and are thankful for small changes every day. You take care and message about anything info you need. We have also just received pip payment which you need to look into.

Message for any info am happy to talk

Sorry meant to say he couldn’t recognise family and friends x

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