"Short story thanks" - misreading

When BaronC posted his note with the title "Short story thanks", I misread it many times as "Short stay thanks" It took several reads of the message to change the "stay" to "story" but now the link is made it is fine and I read it correctly.

Anybody else got a similar problem and if so did you manage to cure it. Never had the problem pre injury and it is so frustrating

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  • I find it pops up from time to time when I'm reading. I used to be an avid reader getting through at least one book a week, now I find it a chore because I easily lose the storyline and have to go back over it. Add in the misreading like you describe and it's not as fun as it was.

    It has improved from when I first started wading again, and I keep persevering, it's like everything, when I was a child and first started reading I'm sure I had the same problems, practice makes perfect xx

    Happy reading Janet

  • For wading substitute reading😀 it wasn't deliberate, just sack the proof reader xxxx

  • I know all about the proof reading things. For important things I have to get someone to re read what I have written as sometimes I write the wrong word(s)

  • Try writing the story :)

    Reading it back, I often misread it and I wrote the chuffing thing :)

  • I do this and similar. 1st it mildly alarmed me not taking written info in and writing it. Then the little things mildly amused me now I guess I find them mildly stupid but don't worry about it. Eg when writing I'll separate one word into 2 often and leave words out. The occupational therapist said can't you get someone to bring you on with that and I don't know sorry, i think that there must be tho

  • I get my wife to proof read important things that I have written. Even though i have checked them the number of times she points out glaring mistakes - double words, words missing, half completed sentences.

  • I do occasionally but much more early months.

    I remember picking up a card for some app, somethingother PRO in a coffee shop, but I didn't read PRO I read Bra, I knew it had to be wrong since the context was wrong but wasn't many until many hours later that I was able to see PRO and i stopped being so confused!

    It also rather amused since I'm dyslexic but tend not to transpose letter, yet here I was...

  • Funny how your head convinces you that it is seeing this, even though you know it makes no contextual sense, isn't it ? x

  • I did it 'before', I have one of those particularly infantile minds that tends to see rude phrases, or words, when that's not what's actually written down.

    Still chortling, about four years after deliberately writing 'around the cock support' into a relatively serious document, just to see if anyone noticed. Only one person did, but he's as silly as I am.

    I'm typo-ing a lot myself now, more so than before, I think my hands are a bit 'laggy', and I'm careful to double check anything I send out at work, now they've let me off the leash a bit, and don't insist that somebody else check everything before I send it. I was a bugger before, and I'm no less mischievous now.

    My son's used to me saying "WHY would it say 'giraffe', idiot?" and such.

  • I did lol then, this is even more funny than filling a sock drawer with blamanche ( when you wrote about being asked where your husbands clean socks are kept, well we don't keep drawers full of dirty socks but then again they might, sorry blokes! I'm not having a dig at you). Gotta go now, paperwork awaits.. ( waah)

  • My warped sense of humour is what keeps me going...

  • 'Like' but Tis not warped

  • I once saw a security proposal where "retinal scanning" (where a lights checks the shape and lines of the eye before opening a door) had been accidentally typed as "rectal scanning"

  • Oh, crikey! I'd have to find another way in!

  • I've read a few words or wrote a few words that was the wrong word, the funniest thing that has happened with words is when I was on the bus and I read the word 'police' upside down,

    Hope you manage to find a way of stopping that from happening in the future x

  • Not so much with reading, although it is worse when reading aloud, I have noticed. I get word problems more with writing or speaking. When typing I often leave words out because I am typing the end of the sentence, like the brain is on quicker speed than the fingers ( which is wierd because I can type faster then I can talk.)

    I often misplace words in a sentence. E.g. sounds like I am translating from German as I find that I at the end of the sentence the verb put. Mainly because I can't find the verb in my head as I go along, but the rest of the sentence comes along anyway.

    Drawing a total blank is a frequent thing. Or thingummy, wotsit, whojamaflip.

    Renaming stuff with words which sound similar or relate to similar things is another fave. So 'log' yesterday was 'wood', 'tree', 'trunk' 'stick' and 'walnut on the floor' because 'log' was nowhere to be found.

  • Aha ! So it's not just me with the predictive text brain these days !

    Had some fun with this but yet to find a cure !

    Thus, I saw neuralgic Christmas decorations in a store last year, as opposed to nostalgic ! Spent a long while trying to puzzle out why it said 'EGG', as in scrambled, on the wall at the hospital, instead of ECG. When typing , I often get letters back to front - thank goodness for spellcheck, I spend ages correcting all the underlined words so my posts make sense ! I can do this with numbers too - it's fun in Argos ! : ) x

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