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Hi, new user


Hi all, just discovered this & wanted to introduce myself.

I’m Simon, my wife is Mandy.

Mandy underwent a craniotomy to clip an Unruptured bilobed aneurysm on her left middle cerebral artery on the 15th May of this year - it was a difficult surgery & she suffered a lacuner stroke 2 days post op developing dysphasia progressing to aphasia.

A further 3 days on and her speech slowly returned.

Mandy had her post op clinic appointment on the 9th July where she complained of a fair bit of tenderness to the Scar & surrounding area along with a little clear discharge from parts of the scar.

A swab revealed some bugs (doctors words)

Mandy is due back at hospital on the 18th July in the day surgery unit for them to take a closer look.

This week Mandy has suffered 1 strong headache with vomiting and has complained of pain in her jaw on the opposite side of her operation.

She is not sleeping very well and has complained of feeling sick on one other occasion.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

My anxiety is peaking with worry.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Simon and welcome. I presume Mandy has been prescribed an antibiotic for the infection ? If she does have an antibiotic and symptoms haven't reduced after 7-10 days then a visit to A&E (early morning to avoid the overcrowding) might be wise, if only to get a second opinion and reassurance that all's well.

However, if the headaches and vomiting are abating maybe a couple of days resting, with painkillers to keep pain at bay, should see her through until Wednesday.

Two months is no time at all for symptoms to settle, especially with the added issue of a 'bug'. I hope Mandy starts to rally before too long though ; please update us Simon. Hope all goes well on Wed...........Cat x

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Hi cat3,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Mandy attended clinic on Wednesday just gone and they are more than happy with how she is recovering, they took a closer look at her scar and have said there is nothing that concerns them, no additional scabbing of the wound or puss and all looks very clean, so no antibiotics have been prescribed.

After we received the phone call, I guess we both (only naturally) assumed the worst and over thought things.

Mandy has recovered so well it’s sometimes hard to remember that she had major surgery only 2 months ago and these things take time.

After investigation 3 doctors found no connection to her pain in her jaw and the operation, Mandy is a teeth grinder in her sleep and has inflamed her temporomandibular joint in her jaw & broken a tooth.

It's so easy to jump to false conclusions after a serious health issue and usually impossible to shake 'til we've heard, officially, to the contrary. So glad to hear all's well for Mandy though & that you can both get on with looking forward ! 😃 x

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