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My Sons move from the South, back to North West.


Hi All,

Just a quick update for you. My Son is presently being driven up the motorway from the South and over to a rehab in Liverpool. We have fought, waited, and fought again over the last few months for this transfer. I have spoken to him on the phone this morning and he was very excited, although probably very apprehensive also. It's only just over an hours drive for me to get to see him, which will be so much if an easier journey. 😄

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Fantastic news, persistence won in the end. Hopefully a new beginning for you all.

Janet x

Oh what brilliant news ! Well done m'dear on your fight to get him closer..............and to somewhere so reputable as The Walton centre (I presume ?). Life should improve for you all from now on ; I really hope so. Love Cat xx

Cotton50 in reply to cat3

Hi Cat,

No he's not at the Walton Centre, he is actually in a brain injury rehab in Liverpool. We have been to visit him this afternoon and he was so pleased to finally be there. We have met with many staff members today who were all very friendly.

I'm just pleased your son's now much closer to you so you can visit without the added stress of such unreasonable travelling.

Love & best wishes to you all............... xx

Cotton50 in reply to cat3

Thank you x

Wonderful news 😀

Well done enjoy him being closer😀

I remember reading about your situation before. I'm glad things are looking up!

All the best to you all :)

Wow! This is wonderful news. I know it can take a lot of persistence and can often feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. So pleased that things have worked out and I wish your son the very best on his recovery journey.

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