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From the south west to the south east

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To calm my nerves for tomorrow i took a mini evening stroll through hyde park and stumbled upon a memorial fountain for princess diana and walking around it, taking in all the different features helped calm me, then i saw a family of birds (mum, dad and 3 chicks couldnt tell you want breed they were lolz) and then watched the sun set but my phone died so couldnt take pictures, but i got my taxi booked and im preped ready to go grace my presence and rub shoulders with centeral politics rather than just local ones but my local mp said at the last mintue she couldnt make it but i may see her back home on friday (11 hours to go and counting down) i have noooolo idea what to expect just expecting to feel so overwhelmed that my brain wont be able to process it

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Good luck for your big day. Wishing you luck and hope it all goes really well for you.

Enjoy your day , sounds exciting if not nerve wracking. Best of luck 🤞🏼🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Have a brilliant time and all the Blessings in the world Love Liz x🌹🙏

Thanks all it was fuuun but the crowd of protestors didnt help so we were all escorted underneath the road and i made loads of friends im now just finishing a 3 hour open top bus tour after i visited buckingham palace (and made all my friends jelose that i was having a mini sunbath) :-) so tomorrow im going to be shattered espically since i didnt get to sleep until 2 this morning once i get given the offical photographs i will post a camera style roll :-)

Everyone was so nice at the gift shop i could help but tell the cashier ladies that i work in local goverment and strutted around like a peacock lol but now my feet have massive blisters and ache terribly and ive been in my posh frock for 12 hours now but im heading back to the hotel to have a long hot soak, a gallon of tea, a take out and a flick though the offical guides i brought bc i love reading about history and stuff

Way to go work get hold of me to ask when its convient for a chat errrr in a week when my sick note gets extended

Was wondering how you were getting on. A lot going on in westminster at the moment.

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Yes i know dont get me started im now in the coach terminal waiting for the coach back waaaaaaaaaaaaaah im hot, tired, hungry and confused i feel very intimadated by the buildings ana amount of traffic i didnt notice the light change while i was waiting to cross the road so the nice van man waiting kept beeping at me to tell me to cross bc i was rumaging for my phone in panic and i screamed thank you as i walked past him and somehow walked the excate same route to the station as i walked leaving the station as i used the passport office as my point of ref and now 2 people is being refused on the coach for being to 'drunk' and 2 police officers are escorting them out the station but they are making a scene and screaming arrest me i paid for my ticket but he (the coach driver) is refusing me it bs, i want a refund

thanks for adding to my axienty