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Brain abcess post op 8 weeks

I’m new here. I don’t know how old this site is. I was diagnosed with a brain abscess in Jan 2018. I had two surgeries a week apart. Non thing ever grew in my cultures which I thought was strange and they aren’t 100 percent sure where it originated from. They think a sinus infection prior. My left sinus is blocked and has been. I also have numbness in my toes on my right foot and it aches and feels heavy a lot. This developed due to seizures. I had to learn to use my right hand and right leg that became weak.after surgery.

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Hi & welcome Rotties (do you have Rottweillers by any chance ?)

I joined Headway after a brain haemorrhage 6 years ago and I guarantee you've made a good move coming here ! Your surgery is still very recent. Unlike other areas of surgery, any intervention in the brain has lasting effects ; some more so than others.

A bleed is usually quite damaging, leaving after effects such as headaches, memory issues, fatigue, dizziness and sometimes seizures. But a procedure to remove a tumour or abscess will often be less damaging to the brain's complex anatomy so after effects might be less severe.

Any intervention in that delicate region will leave its mark, so I'd expect you to have some symptoms, but everyone is different so there's no general rule except for 'wait and see'.

Keep us updated with how you're getting on won't you ? Best wishes, Cat x


Hi Rottie,

I had the same thing right temporal area with a craniotomy and like yourself got an infection about the 2nd week in having to have burr holes drilled into the same area .

They inserted a catheter tube to drain and then injected the antibiotics,no feeling as you probably know sounds worse than what it is!!!

Look at my profile to see the things I have put on the site as I don't really come on very often nowadays.....

Did you have a craniotomy or just drainage of the abscess???

Mine was 5 years ago now but do suffer with side effects,but everyone is different. I also had a mastoidectomy the following year for a cholesteatoma on my right ear all the same side.

The operation was done behind the ear but the Dr had to go over some of the scar tissue from my craniotomy to get access to my mastoid area.

The only way to describe my right ear now as said by the Dr is like an open cavity

so basically I have no ear drum but luckily didn't loose all my hearing but it has to be cleaned out about every 6 months as its not self cleaning and i'm vigilant in not getting water inside otherwise infection sets in.

So you can see why I suffer all these side effects a combination of both ops

Like yourself they still didn't know what caused it ,the ENT surgeon didn't find a break in my dura which could have led to the abscess so still to this day I don't know for sure.

I suffer with real sensitivity to noise,weather changes and the horrible feeling of like being drunk,balance issues a bit like vertigo, even sinus issues like rhinitis.

Also doesn't help as I have been diagnosed with partial seizures so take anti seizure meds which possibly contributes to some of the side effects I also suffer,but you have to carry on as normal as possible.

I won't lie and say it was an easy journey but positivity helps and it takes time to recover even now I still get fatigued if I don't get enough sleep/rest and have had a hectic day at work.

I don't like noisy crowded places anymore, being around to many conversations all at once and do distance myself now from people otherwise I tend to say things they don't like to hear....lol...So I have changed from an outgoing social person but I say that was the old me,this is now the new me(**,)

I have found holistic treatments help like reflexology,reiki and aromatherapy massages they don't cure things but do help in coping mechanisms.

I tried Ti Chi but due to my work find it difficult to fit in with my hours but meditation can be a help which you can find on you tube and do at anytime.

Diet change has made a difference but I do occasionally go off and eat crappy food and notice a difference in myself so that's something to look at because a lot of issues are caused by the gut!!!!!

Anyway Rottie have a look what I've previously posted as I've not really came across anyone who's had a brain abscess on this site ,as one Dr said we are a rear breed!!!!

Take Care