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Cristabelle Braden meets Kevin Pearce

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o awesome to meet Kevin Pearce today at #mindyourbrain conference at Penn!🌟 Check out his documentary "The Crash Reel" to see his story as a pro snowboarder recovering from traumatic brain injury - very powerful!!πŸ‚

Thanks Kevin for all you do to inspire & encourage brain injury survivors to LoveYourBrain.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ It was so nice meeting you today! β€” with Kevin Pearce.

If you thinking who the fcuk is Cristiabelle Braden she is a singer/song writer about what life if like have brain injury:

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I know that I am not the only one thinks Kevin Who? but I put that down to my age rather than my Brain Injury - If you have recovered from a traumatic injury like this and you inspire others then you deserve to be 'bigged up' - I am sorry that I am not 'that far down with the kids' but TBH well done for recovering - it is uphill but there is always a top to the hill - after all they said I would never work full time again, yet here I am, however I don't think I'll be throwing myself down a mountain any time soon. Well Done - Bru

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Basically Kevin Pearce did a documentary called Crash Reel and it talks about him being a pro-skateboard but as he did a wrong move mid air he landed on his skull and the documentary is about him recovering from have a TBI from ICU to going back home, it shows how his family and friends cope and how he goes though rehab ect its a very good doc

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